3 Legit Websites To Earn Extra Income

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Working from home is what you’re interested in.  So, today I’m talking about three legit websites that can make you money fast — interested to learn more?  Let’s dive straight in.



The first website is usertesting.com, who pay $10 for each completed test.  A single task takes up to 20 minutes, meaning this gig could net you $30/hr.

Companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook, look for input to improve website usability.  As a site tester, you give feedback on your experience of navigating a particular website.  This happens through screen and voice recording software.

You need a PC/Mac, a microphone, to be over 18, and have conversational English to get started.

As you know, when it comes to online work, providers generally focus on the US and European countries.  But User Testing is available to countries in Africa, Middle East, South America, and Asia.



You sign up by entering your email, downloading the screen recording software, and then passing a qualification test.  


My test involved opening a URL link to the Smithsonian Museum.  I was then required to do two things, find the floor plan of the Washington DC site, and the day the museum was not open.  All the while I had to speak my thoughts regarding my experience of navigating the site. 

It finished by asking for my written response on what made the task easy or hard, and the three words I would use to describe the website.  User Testing pays through PayPal seven days after you complete the test.



Testing Time provides market research data to their clients.  As a tester, you can earn up to £60/hr, this involves testing digital products via Skype or at the client’s site, sharing your feedback on new websites and apps, interviews, and surveys.


You start by answering some questions about yourself, including occupation and age.  This demographic information gets matched to the client’s specified criteria, and you will receive an email invite if your profile fits a job.  After you complete the task, payment is received directly to your bank or PayPal within ten days.





Much the same as the other two, respondent.io is about participating in research studies.

You sign up using LinkedIn or your Facebook, which pre-populates some of the fields.  However, you still need to manually complete fields such as your PayPal address and industry backgrounds.

When you’re ready, you can look for potential studies by going to the Browse Projects tab.  This brings up a list of jobs, and by clicking you will see an additional screen giving further information including a background of the study and eligibility criteria. 

As with most studies, you will need to answer screener questions before being accepted.


Final Words

These opportunities won’t give you steady work, which is why it’s a good idea to sign up to a few.  At the same time, by signing up, you can earn a decent hourly rate for a short amount of your time.

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