How To Keep Your Search Engine Evaluator Job

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You passed the test, completed the training, and tried some live tasks.  By now you’ll know for certain whether this is for you. 

And if you’re typical of most people, then you probably enjoy the flexibility of the role, as well as being able to work from home. 

So what does it take to keep working as a Search Engine Evaluator? 

Like any job, it comes down to being able to tow the line, as well as your job performance.

And whilst you may have heard horror stories of people being unjustly fired, based on my personal experience, this just isn’t true. 

On the whole, companies in this space treat their contractors well.  You get paid on time and at a rate above the minimum wage, there is access to training tools to help improve your performance, and the support system is responsive if you do need help.

Contracts usually run for 6 months, and if you want to get yours renewed, then this post will prove useful.


Reasons for contract termination

Poor quality of work

Search Engine Evaluators come across many types of tasks.  There are Experimental tasks that bring a sense of freshness and variety to proceedings.  But it’s the Page Quality and Side by Side tasks that determine your quality scores.

After 3 months, an evaluator is expected to score 85% on these tasks.  Anything below 70% will flag as a cause for concern. 

Scoring several sub-standard quality scores will put your account under review.  But you are normally given the chance to improve. 

Should you find yourself in this situation, it’s advisable to attend the live webinars or watch the recordings if you can’t attend, (re)do the training modules, and ask for written feedback from the quality score team. 

You won’t get paid for doing this, but being proactive about improving your performance will pay in the long run.

It’s worth dealing with the issues sooner, as access to paid tasks becomes restricted until a quality review is lifted.



Violating the non-compete clause

Contractors are forbidden to work for both Leapforce and Lionbridge.  Based on data they obtain, it’s possible to find people who violate the non-compete clause.  When caught, a perpetrator can expect to get fired by both companies.

On the other hand, Appen Butler Hill isn’t so particular.  It’s ok to work for either Leapforce or Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill.

To avoid any misunderstandings, if there’s more than one person in the household who works for Leapforce or Lionbridge, each person should get their own unique IP address.  Your ISP can arrange this.

And finally, to avoid issues with IP addresses, it’s not advisable to perform your work on any public network. 

**Update** Appen has now acquired Leapforce.  You can no longer work as a Search Engine Evaluator with different providers.


Failing to meet the minimum monthly hours

Search Engine Evaluators are required to complete a minimum number of hours.  This varies between companies, for example, Lionbridge workers have a minimum of 10 hours per week. 

Be aware of what your contract states regarding the minimum hours.


Working whilst overseas

An important aspect of Search Engine Evaluation is giving your input with regards to local meanings. 

For example, “chips” has a different meaning when comparing UK to US contexts.  It is this type of localized knowledge that is valuable to vendors.

With this in mind, a zero-tolerance approach is taken to foreign IP addresses.  If you’re on holiday abroad, never log in and complete tasks.


Copying other raters

Vendors use plagiarism software to detect duplicated comments.  You risk being terminated if you’re flagged as having the same answers and comments as another worker.

The best approach is always to answer what you think.


Pulling it all together

Workers who struggle with Page Quality and Side by Side tasks will usually be given opportunities to improve. 

In situations like this, it’s worth going to the community portal to practice simulation tasks and review the webinar videos.  It’s also helpful to get written feedback so that you know what to concentrate on.

It isn’t worth breaching the non-compete clause between Lionbridge and Leapforce.  If you want another work from home job, try Appen or iSoftstone instead.

Although Search Engine Evaluation is a remote job, you still need to get involved regularly.  Know your minimum weekly hours and put the effort into making it.

Finally, never do this job from overseas.  Remember, it’s all about local knowledge, and any hint that you’re not local could mean getting fired.

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