Make Money as a Search Engine Evaluator – Part 1

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If you’ve ever done extensive research on the internet, you’ll know that Google doesn’t always get things right.  This is where Search Engine Evaluators (SEE) come in, their role is based on analyzing search results for relevancy and quality.

A SEE provides the human input needed to improve Google algorithms.  The problem is that algorithms are limited in the way they interpret or predict search terms, especially when it comes to a string of unrelated words, and some words meaning different things to different people.  But SEEs work to ensure search users are more likely to find what they are looking for.


What’s The Pay?

In the UK, the starting pay for a SEE is around £10 per hour.  Whereas in the US, an Evaluator can expect to earn about $12 per hour. 

To begin with, the number of hours will be limited.  But after establishing yourself, you can expect to work up to 20-25 hours per week.

As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for submitting your tax returns.


Will This Role Suit My Lifestyle?

This job suits people who have an analytical mind, excellent research skills, strong reading comprehension, and the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.  You will need a mobile phone, a laptop, and a reliable internet connection.

Tasks operate within windows, which can come up at any time.  So, if you can’t work because you’re in the middle of something, or you’re not at home, then the window may close.  

In other words, a SEE works to the company’s schedule.  But as a work from home contractor, you can always choose not to accept tasks and when to stop working.

“you cannot rely on search engine evaluation to give you a steady income……”

There is no guarantee of work and no way of knowing how many tasks will be available in a given window.  It’s possible that the window closes after only one task.  Equally, it could stay open for as long as you want to keep working.  As such, you cannot rely on this role providing a steady income.


Applying To Be A Search Engine Evaluator

When applying for a SEE role, some companies ask whether you’ve also applied with one of their competitors, or currently work as a SEE.  As most companies operate a non-compete clause, answering yes will mean your application is automatically denied.

To maximize your chances of getting through to the next phase, on your application, where it asks you whether you have applied for any other SEE positions, type NO.


The Next Phase

Lionbridge and Appen require you to take an online assessment as part of the recruitment process.  You should find out within a few weeks if your application makes it through to this phase.  If you have two or more yeses, and one of the companies operate a non-compete clause, you should decide which company you prefer and withdraw your other application(s) accordingly. 

Despite this, some people attempt to cheat the system by using a VPN to disguise their IP address, or applying under a friend/family member’s details.  But you should know that being caught usually means getting fired.


Who Employs Search Engine Evaluators?

There are a handful of companies that offer SEE roles.  Google outsource this function to several 3rd party companies, each with its policies and company cultures.  But regardless, as the majority use Google’s platform and infrastructure, the work and the interface will mostly be the same.


The Companies 

Appen requires a work commitment of at least four hours per day, five days per week, usually Monday through to Friday.  They operate flexible work windows, meaning you are more likely to earn each working day.  You will need to go through some unpaid training which can take between one and three weeks.


iSoftStone has a positive reputation for how they treat their workers.  As such, openings with this company are rare, but they advertise on Indeed when they do come up.  The SEE roles they offer are often long-term, and they work with Bing rather than Google.  This means you will be completing your work on Internet Explorer, as opposed to Chrome.  This is one of the few companies that doesn’t have a non-compete clause.


Leapforce look for people who are familiar with Google products, including Gmail, Play Store, and Google+.  There is an online assessment as part of the recruitment process.  Update – Leapforce has now been acquired by Appen.  Which complicates the non-compete rules between companies.  In general, you can only work for one of these providers as a Search Engine Evaluator.  In other words, it’s possible to work a combination of different projects for different providers, e.g., it’s ok to work for Appen as a Search Engine Evaluator and Lionbridge as a Map Evaluator.


People often confuse Lionbridge for Leapforce and vice versa, but in reality, they are two separate companies.  Lionbridge operates in many countries, including India and China, and like Leapforce/Appen, they also have a stringent online assessment during the recruitment stage. 


ZeroChaos prefer hiring workers as employees, rather than independent contractors, and rarely have SEE positions available.  They pay on the upper end of the scale, at £13 per hour.  And hours of work tend to range from 10 hours a week to a maximum of 30.  Working for other companies in a similar capacity is not an issue here.  Update – ZeroChaos has now been re-branded Workforce Logiq.


Something To Note

SEE roles can end unexpectedly and without notice.  With that in mind, it’s important not to rely on it to pay your bills.  Be smart and plan for downtimes and the possibility of contract end dates.  However, this could be an ideal work from home opportunity if you like deciding your schedule, and don’t want to do phone work.

Click the links above to check for vacancies.  But remember, Lionbridge and Appen candidates need to pass an online assessment before being offered a job.  Tips on passing the assessment can be found here >>>> How To Pass The Search Engine Evaluator Assessment – Part 2.

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